Our annual meeting took place online this year due to you-know-what

Our creative volunteers Ariane and Heloïse made a mensual fanzine in cooperation with the inhabitants of Brivezac.

A year ago we had the opportunity to learn the language of the the Giraffe. Here is what we found out.

Training course “Non-Violent Theatre”. France, 2019.

Why it is essential to consider the importance of the way we communicate and some tips on how to improve it by our contributor Jose.

Why do we communicate?

Personal development catalyses collective change

This booklet is all about creating a solid, manageable and proper Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing Campaign for Artivists.

Download for free here.

The collective power of being your(best)self

Why to develop ourselves?

“May we live in interesting times”*

Welcome to the project of our Jose Donado who created “CO” as part of his work with Nomadways in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, Correze.

Illustration by our Ål Nik.

What is “CO”?


The moment you put your hands on the ground and bring your feet up the whole world ceases to exist… kind of. Because you feel like a child again, for whom there is nothing but what it does here and now. That’s what makes standing on hands more than just an acrobatic trick.


Crafting art for social change! We do kick-ass international workshops for artists, educators and youth workers.

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